Step 2 - How to Get a Quote

Step 2 can quote ACR (adjusted community rated plans or underwritten Association Health Plans for the Restaurant and Hospitality Benefit Trust (RHABT) as well as level-funded UHC AllSavers.

For underwritten plans such as the RHABT, an employer application 

ACR plans are categorized as small employer within their states based average total number of employees (full time + part time), full-time equivalent (full time + part time hours/120) or eligible employees.  Every state has their counting preference to determine if a group is considered a small employer and whether they can offer ACR plans or is a larger employer whereby underwriting is accepted.  See chart below to detainee if what your states accepts.  Level-funded product such as AllSavers or an Association Health Plan as circumvent the counting mythology and allow for underwriting but are not available in all states.

Next, click on EFFECTIVE DATE to select when you want coverage to begin.


Select the contribution you would like to give the employees.  The contribution cannot be less then the lowest plan being offered.  Any percentage can be given to dependents and ancillary products such as vision and dental but is not required.


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